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The History

La Mina Juice Bar was established in 1997 as a family business targeting the idea of a healthy food option for the people in Cardiff. It has been running and expanding ever since, with no need for advertising – it gained its popularity by word of mouth. We have been trying to keep prices affordable as a great deal of our customers are students.

La Mina is known for its always fresh food and great customer service. Many new baguette shops have been opened in the busy area of Roath, and tried to copy its style, but there is no substitute for the original.

Owing to its friendly and welcoming atmosphere it has never had a lack of customers, bringing families together for a tasty meal. This keeps us running the business tirelessly, looking forward to meeting our customers again.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We pride ourselves on quality, value and service


Our mission at La Mina Juice Bar is very simple. First of all we provide you with fresh products that are aimed at fuelling your health and happiness. Constantly striving to be the best, we offer juices and products packed with natural, good quality ingredients. Furthermore, your body will be benefiting from various nutrients and vitamins satisfying your daily needs. Ultimately your health is our priority and we aim to provide you with a dose of goodness that will contribute towards you being a healthier, happier you!


Our focus is to give you an excellent customer service in addition to offering delicious, nutritious products satisfying those taste buds. Keeping our customers happy is very important to us and we want to be there for you providing a good quality, healthy alternative to all those unhealthy places to eat and drink out there today. Due to all of our juices and smoothies being made on site daily, this ensures that we give you the freshest, most vibrant juices possible. Take a look at our shop to see all our delicious products – just select SHOP on the main menu.

Always Fresh

We always use freshest local produce products

Keep You Healthy

We always serve you fresh and nutritious food that help you stay healthy and happy you

Healthy Cooking

Our style of cooking always ensures that the food we serve is low in fat, sugar and salt yet maintaining the absolute best taste

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on serving you the best possible food and, in fact we guarantee your absolute satisfaction!

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La Mina - Eat Well, Live Healthy!

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